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Dominios .digital
Today we are going to talk about the .digital domain. This domain that characterizes our website https://xtrategy.digital. But before…

What are domains?

First we must begin by explaining what internet domains are. Commonly we understand domain as the unique name given to a website on the Internet so that anyone can visit it. Is that ex what domains represent? Well, actually they are translations of IP addresses, for example, try putting it in the browser and you’ll see that it takes you to the domain google.es. Therefore, the domain google.es we see that it is simply an easier translation for humans to learn 16 numbers. In addition, each IP takes us to a server where the web is hosted. Domains allow us to have different web pages on the same server. Each domain will simply point to a different folder on the server.

Structure of a domain.

The domains are structured in different levels, specifically in three different levels. Let’s see it with an example ( Sorry the image is in english, but easy to understand 😉 ):
Explicación dominio google.es para dominio .digital
In the following direction we have drawn the different levels of a domain we are going to explain each one to make everything clearer. First level domain: .es in this case, is called Top level domain or commonly called extensions. Second level domain: google in the example, this is the name we choose and represents our brand. Subdomain or third level domain: serve to reflect sublevels within the domain. www. in this case but surely you have seen subdomains such as: ftp, blog, webmail … For the purpose of this article we want to focus on top level domains as the .digital domain is one of them. xtrategy instead is the second level domain.  

Top Level Domain Types

There are two different types of top-level domains. They may sound familiar to you now when you read them, but maybe you didn’t know the difference.

Country code top level domain or geographical domains

The ccTLDs, called ccTLDs, are the domains reserved for the different countries of the world. To register these domains you have to go through an agency that is responsible for this in each country. In Spain the person in charge of approving the domains is RED.es, an organism belonging to the Ministry of Industry. Some examples of these domains are: .es (Spain) , .eu (European Union Countries), .ar (Argentina), .uk (United Kingdom)… And a long list, I leave you a link to the wikipedia if you want to know other different.

Generic top level domain

Generic but formerly purpose-built. Did you know that .com means domain for commercial use? Although nowadays it is used indistinctly. There are others that can only be used for a specific purpose such as .edu (educational purposes) .org (non-profit organizations, associations …). For these specific domains a previous approval has to be passed. Generic domains, unlike territorial ones, which are 2 letters long, are represented by a minimum of 3 letters.

The .digital domain

xtrategy.digital explicación dominio .digital
Surely you have already noticed by the clues that .digital is a generic domain as it does not belong to any country and has more than 2 letters. In fact it is a generic domain within the so-called ngTLD (new generic top level domain) and refers to new domains that have been marketed that differ from the typical .com, .info or territorial ones. Within these new domains you can find the one that best suits your needs, some examples are: .global, .travel even .luxury (if you don’t believe me do a google search).

Why xtrategy.digital?

When the time came to choose the brand for which we wanted to be known, we decided to use this domain. We thought that a digital company like this one and that seeks to help other companies through technology this domain came like a ring to the finger. In addition, we are experts in digital strategies and xtrategy.digital refers to it throughout the domain name. Differentiation is a very important key to any business strategy. We thought that this name would give us a personality bonus over a competitor .com. Isn’t that as much seen already?

But… it’s not all roses.

Sometimes it has happened to us that they call us and tell us that they cannot send us an email that the server returns.  That our cards are wrong that something is missing from the mail… This happens because people are not accustomed to seeing an email like [email protected] , they are missing a .com or a .es somewhere. It’s usually funny when we explain that .digital is our .com and that’s the right address. Small anecdotes about domains that will become more and more relevant on the Internet as they will allow much better positioning in the future. I hope you liked the article and you already know any doubt or if you want a study of your digital strategy you can write to the mail or use the form. Good morning!

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