Digital strategy, what is it and how to create it?


The digital strategy is the application of technology and digital media to create value, i.e. it defines in the digital realm what we do and how we do it. A successful digital strategy requires different areas because it will mix technology with marketing and operations. It is something complex to execute if you do not have the necessary profiles so the help of a digital agency or consultant is often essential.

What is una strategy digital?

Once we have seen the definition of digital strategy, let’s really see what it is and why it is important.

The digital strategy must be aligned with the business strategy, after all it will be the digital piece of our business strategy. The objectives of the company must be previously defined and it will be then when we will create the necessary strategies to reach them.

Internet and the digital world ceased to be something optional for companies some time ago, can be somewhat overwhelming, but if we do not take advantage of digital media our company will be doomed to failure. We cannot do without having a digital strategy in our company.

Digital vs digital marketing strategy

If we look for digital strategy we can find many different definitions, mostly marketing oriented but a digital strategy is not a marketing strategy, in fact, a digital strategy will usually contain a marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy will generally be outward-oriented, will focus on bringing value to our customers, giving us visibility, increasing our reputation, brand value, etc..

On the other hand, the digital strategy is applied to the organization as a whole, both internally and externally. So our digital strategy will look at how to apply technology to our entire value chain.

Important factors for a good digital strategy?

Creating a digital strategy is not complicated, but if it requires talent and previous knowledge as well as some experience, what do we need?

  • Multidisciplinary knowledge: profiles of marketing, operations, sales and technology.
  • One previously defined business objectives.
  • The support from the executive scale of the organization.

Once we have what is necessary, we only have to see how to reach the proposed objectives using technology and digital media. To do this we must use multidisciplinary profiles and create actions that lead us to the proposed objectives.

The important thing will be that for each line of action, or part of the plan, we have defined metrics that inform us of our progress. After all, the environment is very dynamic and many of the actions in our plan will have to be adjusted, so having some metrics that are easy to consult is key. We must test, measure and modify in order to optimize to the maximum and get the best performance from our strategy.

The big problem usually comes at the time of having the necessary talent in the company to make a good strategy. That’s why digital consultants and digital agencies come into play, such as Xtrategy Digital who can provide you with the talent you need. This time companies will work together with your operations and marketing staff to devise and implement that strategy that will make you achieve your goals.

If you need help you can have a look at our digital consulting service, we offer you experts in different fields that will help you in what you need, take a look here.

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