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We could start talking about how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world and how it is an important part of the digital transformation, but we all know that, don’t we? The real question is: What can this “Artificial Intelligence” do for our company today? And above all, how is this going to affect the company or the way it acts?

Artificial intelligence becomes one of the main weapons in the digital transformation.

Digital marketing oriented by artificial intelligence



Data on AI in Spanish companies.

According to the study of Pwc, Bots, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services Reality and perspectives of Artificial Intelligence in Spain, 2018 77% of Spanish companies are without current developments or in very early stages, while only 11.5% have a defined route of implantation that they want to do.

The main reasons why the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies is not carried out are also reflected in this study. And if we take into account the three pillars of digital transformation, technology, culture and new business models, we see reflected in the graph that 80.7% of the problem refers to these 3 pillars which could be solved with a digital transformation plan.

So once we know a bit of data about the situation in Spain, and why it has not been more widespread use, let’s see what possibilities it offers today and how and in what areas can help us boost our busines.

Applications of artificial intelligence in the company.

  • Customer service.
  • Data analysis.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Security systems.

In future articles we will define more specifically each technology and how it can make a difference to our company, we will propose practical examples and teach the use we give to these technologies as a company.


How to cope with the change.

From we advocate an oriented transformation to results and for this we have designed a structure of the plan from digital transformation in 4 phases.

How do we do it?

01. Audit

In this first phase the current situation of the company will be analyzed. A report of the digital maturity level of the company will be created. All sections of the company, customers, processes, business model, etc… will be examined.

02. Digital transformation plan

Starting from the current state of the company, a digital transformation plan will be created that will contain all the necessary improvements and changes as well as the time and resources required for its implementation.

03. Implementation

In this phase we help you to implement the digital transformation plan. We will provide you with training and expert consultants according to your needs.

04. Review and continuous improvement

The digital transformation never ends, so we will stay by your side to monitor that the objectives are met, incorporate improvements and solve any obstacle you find.

Since each company is a world and there will never be two equal transformation plans, in the same way not all artificial intelligence technologies can be implemented in all companies. The audit will help us to determine which aspects are the most important to change and which technology is the one that will give a greater impulse.

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